Map & Directions

Bear Creek Golf Course
19 Bear Creek Golf Course Rd.
Winthrop, WA 98862
(509) 996-2284

Getting Started with the Tour

  • Hover mouse over the image to begin tour. 
  • There are 13 360-degree vantage points to enjoy. 
  • Advance from one to the next using the small white arrows at the bottom of each vantage point.


  • If you are familiar with Google Maps navigation, jump in and have fun. The tour looks great in “Full Screen” mode (upper right icon).
  • If you are not familiar with Google Maps here are a few tips:
    • Navigate Up/Down and Left/Right using compass in the upper left corner or by ‘clicking and holding’ and dragging Up/Down and Left/Right
    • Zoom with “+” and “-” buttons when available.
    • Remember to advance from vantage point to the next by clicking the small white arrows at the bottom of each scene. Some scenes have more than one arrow.

Map Snapshot